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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

reviewed by sparklydo

on this weeks reviewed by sparklydo said:

The best party I have ever had was a camping site right in my igloo! You could steer a ship in the ocean,be on a deserted island,But did I mention the ocean was full of sharks?You could even get lost in the woods.There was lots more,but me and my buddies all had tons of fun! Waddle on Club Penguin!

well next week club penguin wants to know about when you and your buddies went exploring remember 50 to 75 words

april fools party sneek peek

well it looks as if club penguin is turning in to wonderland tomrrow well tell me if you see Aunt Arctic fall through a hole well lets hope she dosent hey the forest is gonna be up side down during the party mabey the hole will lead there

what the PPAs are gone? And my least favorite play is here...

omg guys the Penguin Play Awards are gone and gues who won thats right two years in a row award winner quest for the golden puffle and yes the quest for the golden puffle is back you see I never really liked adventure books or movies I just love fantisy I was really hoping that underwater adventure or fairy fables would win well mabey they cazn make some thing like twilight this year or early 2011 well theres one cheat in the catolog just click the golden puffle on the first page

Friday, March 26, 2010

coustemer service needed

Hi this is Rossie Mo and Jrf33 all of us Boorex's Club Penguin FUN team use this account. Well anyways we need more people in coustemer service please answer these questions and send them to
Whats your penguin name: my penguin name is penguin1234
Whats your age: my age is 0
What is your gender: my gender is a boy/girl
what country do you live in:I live in the USA
how many words can you type per minute: I can type 0 words per minute
do you go back and check if you wrote your post correct:yes/no I do/don't
how much words can you read per minute: I can read 0 words per minute
Thank you for your help!
Boorex's Club Penguin coustemer service~

Thursday, March 25, 2010

new events,pin cheat and music

hey guys its boorex my orange puffle came todayI got him from where you can get the best club penguin toys yet well first theres new events but not ecsiting theres also a new cupcake pin at the sporty sports shop and some new music(sorry theres a promlem with these pictures please check back later)
boorex spread the world~

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

reviewed by yoshi96

hi guys its boorex this weeks reviewed by you was by yoshi96 heres what he said:
Me and my friends are throwing our very OWN Penguin Play Awards right in my igloo! I've got the stage, some snacks, a backstage, the velvet ropes, and the red carpets all set up. We're celebrating before the Awards so that we know what to choose during the Awards. By the time that the Penguin Play Awards start, we'll already have our Plays chosen! ;)

this upcoming week club penguin wants to know what is your best party you have created remember more than 50 words but less than 75 words well I give my luck to you guys
boorex waddle on~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

welcome back

welcome back to Boorex's Club Penguin FUN you may wonder where we went we were trying out another game and now we finaly have time to post on two blogs check out all the oul BCPF post at
Boorex's Club Penguin Fun Team~