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Friday, April 16, 2010

sneek peek

hi guys its boorex sorry I havent posted in awhile I have had play practice well heres the sneek peek to Mission 11 it should come out at the end of may oh sorry about the april 16 date

Saturday, April 10, 2010

new toys

hi guys its boorex theres some new cp toys the puffle keychains with the green,orange,white,yellow and purple puffle and theres sires 8 plush toys I want the dragon

herberts revenge sneek peek

hey guys gues what herberts revenge is coming to stores next month my dad went to Spokane,Washington and went to Toys R Us and got me the black puffle keychain I wanted the blue puffle one but it was sold out I can post pics on monday well heres the pic of hereberts revenge it looks like herberts takeing over club penguin and has polar bear statues all over to lead to herberts kingdom lol wierd thory whats yout thory comment or send a message to

updates(sorry im posting them so late)

hi guys heres the updates sorry I posted them so late I have been pretty bussy well here they are the new pin is at the dock and theres new postcards
boorex spread the world~

Thursday, April 1, 2010

herbert p bear spotted

hi guys do you remember theres gonna be a new mission well it must have someting to do with yetis and warmth cuz herberts in the news papper dressed as a yeti he says his name is yeti penguin oh poor tour guide got tricked well I hope we catch that polar bear

april fools cheats clothing catolog coming toningt from pinkster productions

hi guys theres theres a april fools party on cp its fun I like the forest and the mine shack well you go to the dock to get the propeller cap paint the board to get it and go to the silly room to get the juester hat