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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Featured Igloos - May 29

Hey guys its Boorex! A new Featured Igloos is here. Check it!                                                                                           
 Tiaminpin said: "Please, Please, PLEASE, check out my friend Eve79260's igloo. It's the awesomest one yet!! You Gotta check it out! So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check it out, It's the AWESOMEST, COOLEST, MOST AMAZING one I've ever seen!!!!! 
Waddle On!!! :D p.s. u guys rock! ;D"
Ahh! I see this kingdom has many secrets that lie beneath it. Reminds me a bit of the season finale of Once Upon a time.

Hur11 said: "My friend Sumari347 has a soo sweet and soo superbo castle igloo u won't believe looks like angels set them there its soo great castle i would love to have like that one. Waddle On CP...!!! =D"
Wow! Looks like a battle has to be fought here!

aac Walker said: "I saw this guy named Ocean6100. HIS IGLOO IS AWESOME!!!!! PLZ CHECK IT OUT THX"
Nice! Im looking for a gardener for my igloo and you might be just the right person!

Great igloos everyone!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Bluereguiez Rave Reviews: Medieval Party 2012

Hark! Lords and ladies kings and queens gather around for the first Rave Review is here. Now you probably should know one thing about me. I LOVE DRAGONS!!! So right now you probably are guessing im going to give this Medieval Party a good grade. The first thing I thought was cool about this party is all the cool new items. I really think its cool Club Penguin finally brought a weapon in the game. I also like that Club Penguin is making cool items for non-members like the iron knight costume! That is one cool costume. Another thing I like is that you have to defeat a dragon. The only thing I don't like about this party is hmmm... nothing. Im giving this an A+(+++++++) LOL! Join the fun and don't miss the all new Rave Reviews on June 18th!
- Bluereguiez
Upcoming Reviews:
Bluereguiez Rave Reviews: Superhero Takeover 2012 - June,18,2012
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Reviewed by 127David

Hey guys its Boorex! Happy77 posted a new reviewed by you today. Last week she asked what your favorite story in the book room was. 127David was happy to answer!

"Hi Happy77! I think it's great that so many penguins are working hard on saving the Earth. Anyway, my favorite Club Penguin story is Franky's First Show, which is sitting in the Book Room, where I like to read the yearbooks and play Mancala. I like it because it teaches the readers about following your dreams and to conquer your fears. It is a story that keeps you wanting to turn the page until the end. ? WADDLE ON ? P.S. I cant wait to see the wonderful wizardry  and magic going on at the Medieval Party. Thanks for the sneak peek!"

Great one 127David! I like that book too. Next week Happy wants to know who your hero is. I said my older sister Supergirl185. Can't wait to see if you've won next week. Good luck!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Marvel Superhero Takeover from Club Penguin Fiesta

Sup everyone its Searing here with a new sneak peek of the Marvel Superhero Takeover. I got these images from my friends at Club Penguin Fiesta. So the first room looks like a command room in space. The second one looks like the room where you defeat the enemy. Looks cool to me. Don't forget to go to . Cya.
- Searing

Friday, May 25, 2012

Club Penguin Times Issue #344 + Searing Posting

~ Boorex
In other news Searing will be posting the rest of the coverage until Tuesday.

Monday, May 21, 2012

NEW Medieval Party Commercial + MARVEL Superhero Takeover

Hey guys its Boorex! I have some SWEEET news for you! The MARVEL Superhero Party is coming! Not much is known about it but heres one thing I know. I will so be Thor. He is my absolute favorite superhero of all time.

Fairy Fables


May 2012 Furniture Catalog

Hey guys its Boorex! Theres a new furniture catalog out with cheats. Check thy out!
1. Go to page 1 click on the knight shrub now you have a pot of princess flowers
2. Go to page 2 click on the fairy forest flag now you have a woodland swing
3. Go to page 4 click on the wishing well now you have a armor rack
4. Go to page 6 click on the plant now you have a rock
5. Go to page 7 click on the hippo's behind now you have a garden
6. Go to page 10 click on the red bookshelf now you have a red couch
7. Go to page 11 click on the painting now you have a easel
8. Go to page 11 click on the plant now you have a plant
9. Go to page 12 click on the vines now you have a stone chair
10. Go to page 13 click on the steering wheel now you have a palm tree
11. Go to page 14 click on the judges table now you have a mannequin
~ Boorex

Medieval Party 2012

 Hey guys its Boorex! The Medieval Party is here. Here are the cheats.
1. Go to the dock pick up the woodland twig
2. Go to the beach and pick up the magic orbs
3. Go to the ski village pick up the cursed stones
 Now go to the ski hills open the gate.

Now battle Scorns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                               Free Items
Go to the ski hill to get a warriors helmet.

 Go to the bridge of destiny to get your battle cape.
 Go to the sky kingdom to get the staff.
                                                             May 2012 Clothing Catalog part 2
1. Go to page 1 of the catalog click on the  "M" now you have a yellow tabord
2. Go to page 1 click on the red tabord now you have a purple tabord

Club Penguin Times Issue #343


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Puffle Trouble

Hey guys its Boorex! The new puffle trouble video is here. Warning it is very cute. I love the scene where the puffle kisses Herbert! Also did you see the cat-puffle? Crazy right!

Penguin Style May 2012 (Part 1)

Hey guys its Boorex. New festive fashions are waiting at the gift shop with cheats. Check'em out!
1. Go to page 3 click on the staff now you have a red kings outfit
2. Go to page 6 click on the penguins foot now you have a blue kings outfit
3. Go to page 7 click on the paint brush now you have a viking helmet
4. Click on it four more times now you have a blue viking helmet
5. Go to page 8 click on the tree now you have a dark chocolate bunny costume
6. Go to page 9 click on the shovel now you have a recycling boy costume
7. Go to page 10 click on the player card penguin now you have classic shoes
8. Go to page 11 click on the penguins beak now you have a feathered boa
If none of these fashions fit you part 2 is coming May 17th!

Club Penguin Times Issue #341