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Monday, October 29, 2012

Operation Blackout Sneak Peek

Hey guys! Its Boorex. Spike Hike has given us a new sneak peek of operation blackout. It is a picture of Gary's glasses and in his glasses you can see the reflection of Herbert holding a penguin, most likely Gary. So what do you think is going on in this picture. Tell me in the comments. That's it for now.

Spike Hikes New Twitter Account

Hey guys! Its Boorex. Spike Hike now has a twitter. It is @SpikeHikeCP. So now we can talk to him easier than on Club Penguin. That's it for now.

Friday, October 26, 2012

100th Video!!

Hey guys! Its Boorex. Club Penguin has officially released their 100th video. Its pretty funny. Businesmoose stated they made this as a test for effects. Thats it for now.

Spike Hike Reporting for Duty!

Hey guys! Its Boorex. So as I posted on the recent post about Lane leaving a man named Chris Heatherly is replacing him. Well he has made his first blog post. Here's what he said.

Hey Penguins!
Spike Hike here. My real name is Chris Heatherly, and as you may have heard last week, I'm stepping into Lane's big shoes. You probably don't know me, but I've been working and playing on Club Penguin for a long time!
 I first met the Club Penguin Team in 2007 when I worked for Disney Toys. When I first came to Penguin, I fell in love with what the team was doing. Together we worked on the first Penguin toy line. Billybob and I got to launch the toys in the biggest penguin party ever in New York City! We had Club Penguin projected onto the Jumbotron so that kids from around the world could join the party.
As a dad, I've been playing Club Penguin with my three kids for years. My twins even had a Club Penguin birthday party and I dressed up as Herbert. Herbert had stolen the puffles and the kids had to throw "snowballs" at him and get him to drop the sack of puffles. The kids tackled me to the ground and pelted me with snowballs!
Lane and I became really good friends and talked a lot about his vision for Club Penguin. When he asked me to join Club Penguin it was a dream come true! For the last year and a half, I've been able to work on parties, penguin shorts and music videos. As a long time player and as a dad, Club Penguin is very special to me. 
As Billybob said in his farewell post, one thing about Club Penguin will never change – it has always been about you guys and always will be.
Great first post Spike Hike. I think the Herbert costume is funny. Your kids are lucky to have such a great job. So what do you guys think? That's it for now.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Club Penguin Times Issue #366


New Horizons Part 1 - A Club Penguin Documentary

Hey guys! Its Boorex. So sense its Club Penguins anniversary Polo Field and Businesmoose have given all of us penguins a
little present. Its is a new video. A documentary in fact. It is about how Lance Preibe (Rsnail) started Club Penguin. It also features Lane (Billybob), Holly (Happy77), Chris (Screenhog), Dave, Gin, and Chris. Billybob also tells us that something big is coming soon at the end. Be sure to check this out. Thats all for now.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You Decide: New Costumes

Hey guys! Its Boorex. Polo Field has posted a new you decide on the blog. There is a cave woman costume, a skull cloak, and a warrior costume. I am voting option number 2. It looks really cool with the skulls and stuff. What do you think these are for? I am thinking some kind of viking party. Well that's it for now.
Cast your vote here .

7th Anniversary Party Guide

Hey guys! Its Boorex. Another year has passed in Club Penguin and that means its time for the anniversary. This year is off the hook. Here's a list of events.
- Party Hat: The anniversary party means a new party hat. You can pick this up on the table (circled in red.). Just remember to pick it up soon. These party hats only come out once.
- Celebration Stamp: Try scrolling over the candles on the cake. You will earn something special.
- Yearbook: The new 2011-2012 yearbook is out with new secrets. Try scrolling over objects to see past pins. There is also some new features like the photo gallery.
So whats your guys favorite part? I always like the yearbook. Thats all for now.

Two Operation Hibernation Sneak Peeks

Hey agents! Its Agent B! I have some sneak peaks from Polo Field. They are of Operation Blackout. The first one looks like a field op that will get us started.
This second one looks like an agent traveling to a tropical paradise. hmm.

What do you think will happen? Tell me in the comments section.

Special Message from Happy77

Hey guys! Its Boorex. Unfortunately I have some more rather sad news. Our fellow official Club Penguin blog blogger, Happy77, will be leaving Club Penguin too. Here's her goodbye message for everyone.

Greetings Penguins!

Happy77 here. It's almost Club Penguin's anniversary. Hard to believe that Club Penguin is almost 7 years old already!

I'm writing this post to let you know that I'll also be moving on from Club Penguin. I'll be spending my time raising my children. Who knows? Maybe one day my kids will grow up to be bloggers, too. :)

I’ve had an amazing time here at Club Penguin. Like Billybob, you're the reason I've done this for so long. Polo Field and Businesmoose have been helping me since I first started blogging in 2008, so I know you’re in good hands.

Thanks for being so supportive, and for the great memories.

And as always...
Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team
I am pretty upset about this. She has had such a huge impact on my life and im sure a few of my other fellow bloggers would agree. Well thats it for now.

Daffodaily5's Spooky Fruity Challenge!

Hey guys! Its Boorex. The official Club Penguin blog's UK blogger, Daffodaily5, has a spooky fun challenge for us. To see how many fruity Halloween costumes we can make! Here's what she said.

It’s Daffo here. I’ve seen some pretty crazy costumes recently and it got me thinking...
Nothing stands out more than a mismatched outfit, and nothing says spooky and strange quite like Halloween! So, I was trying on some different outfits for inspiration and found myself wearing the Kiwi Costume and the Ghost Goggles just for laughs, but you know what… it actually worked!
I’m always hoping to come across weird and wonderful discoveries so now I’m on the lookout for the freakiest fruit combination! What I'd really love to see are some fab fashion shows full of spooky, juicy costumes! What do you guys think? Who knows, maybe I'll waddle over to your igloo to take a peek at your creations!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so make sure you leave a comment below!
Waddle on!
Sense I thought this was a perfect opportunity to get creative I tried some things. Above is what I finally made. Well thats it for now.
To comment on Daffodaily5's post go here .

Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Membership Cards from Lenny Thai

Hey guys! Its Boorex. Today my good friend Lenny Thai let me borrow some information about new membership cards. There are three new ones. A one month membership for $7.95. A three month membership with an exclusive jet pack for $19.95. And a six month membership with an exclusive snow launcher and 2 bonus items for $39.95. These can be found anywhere club penguin membership's are sold. Well thats all for now!

Club Penguin Magazine Issue #10

Hey guys! Its Boorex. The new issue of Club Penguin Magazine has been released and its spooky! Inside there is a creepy comic, freaky fashions, a franken cut out mask and more! It also comes with a neon skeleton costume and 1 free item from the treasure book. Well thats it for now!

Polo and Moose... reporting for duty!

Hey guys! Its Boorex. So we may be losing a member from the Club Penguin blog but we are now gaining two. Polo Field and Businesmoose. Some of you may know them from twitter or the videos but they are now official blog members. Here's what Polo said in his first post!

Hey there Penguins!
Polo Field here with my very first blog post! Thanks to everyone for all their warm wishes and congratulations. Businesmoose and I are both very excited to share all the latest sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes news with you!
Stay tuned for more awesome stuff here on the blog. We have a new You Decide poll planned, as well as sneak peeks of Operation Blackout, some amazing new room updates, and even a bit of news about Arctic White! And just to make things even more interesting, we may even have another video with Billybob up our sleeves, too...
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

Great job Polo. Your a natural! Im so excited to see all that stuff in the future. Well that's it guys.

Special Message from Billybob

Hey guys! Its Boorex. Today Billybob posted some rather sad news on the fun stuff blog. Heres what he said:

Hello Penguins!
I hope you're all as excited about the Halloween Party as I am.  The office is buzzing today, it's going to be amazing!  
I wanted to make sure you heard it directly from me, after 7 incredible years at Club Penguin, I'm going to be moving on.  I'll be around for the next few months to make sure everything is all good.  Then I'll be focusing on building some cool stuff for schools.  I hope I'm able to help with learning the same way I have been able to help build Club Penguin. 
I have had such an incredible time being a part of Club Penguin over the years and serving you guys everyday.  The Club Penguin Team is better than ever, and the plans we've made for the next year are awesome!  My friends Polo Field and Businesmoose will keep you updated with all the latest behind-the-scenes updates here on the blog. Even though I won't be working at Club Penguin anymore, I'll still be around and logging on to hang out.  
You are the reason I've done this for so long and I am so thankful you've let me be a part of your lives.  You are what makes Club Penguin special.  Never forget that.
Until then… Waddle on!
- Lane (aka Billybob)

Thanks for giving us that news Billybob. So how do you guys feel about this? I feel sad because he has been my inspiration for so long. But I also feel happy for him. I am glad hes going to help out with school stuff. His final day in the office will be on February 1, and a man by the name of Chris Heatherly will be replacing him. So how do you guys feel about this. Be sure to tell me in the comments

Club Penguin Times Issue #365


Bluereguiez Rave Reviews: Halloween Party 2012 ( A+ )

Good evening monsters and monstresses. Bluereguiez here ready to review. So today I am talking about the Halloween party. This is a special party for me because this was my first party when I started last year. I wasn't a member then though so I didn't get to experience all the fun stuff that I do this year. I think this party is awesome. I am a big time horror movie and haunted house fan so this is especially cool for me. I really like the haunted mansion scavenger hunt. I also think its really cool you can become a ghost. And when you hunt for ghost you earn coins for all the ghost you catch. The costumes are awesome this year too. The only thing I don't like is that they didn't update some rooms. So over all im giving this an A+.  Thats all for now guys. Bye.
Upcoming Reviews:
Operation Blackout - November 2012
Holiday Party 2012 - December 2012
2012 Yearly Round Up - January, 1, 2013

Halloween Party 2012 Cheats

Hey guys! Its Boorex. The Halloween party is here so get ready to get your scream on! Heres whats going on!
Gariwald VII's Scavenger Hunt:
First you'll want to check out Gariwald's scavenger hunt. In this you need to find five keys to unlock a chest. Heres the cheats:
 1. The first key is at the foyer.
 2. The second key is at the Graveyard/Pool.
 3. The third key is at the Dining/Ball Room.
 4. The fourth key is at the Library.
 5. The fifth key is at the Attic.
 Now that you have all the keys unlock the chest. You will be given a pair of ghost goggles. Put them on and then go up the stairs.
 Now go through the ghost door.
 Once your there Gariwald will give you a background. In the Lab you can become a Ghost.
At the lab there is an item catalog. There is one free item.
 On the first page everyone can pick up the ghost costume and the ghost hunter costume, and members can buy the fortune teller outfit.
 On the second page members can pick up ghostly ballroom outfits.
 On the final page members can pick up the butler costume, the maid costume, the cat costume, and the golden secret costume.
                                                                         To-Boo List:
Theres also a new feature called your To-Boo List. In this you have to become a ghost and press D at all of these rooms. Once your done you can pick up one of three igloo items. You can earn each one up to 99 times.

Fun Stuff Update

Hey guys. Its Boorex! Club Penguin has updated the Fun Stuff section. Heres what the header for the blog looks like.
Heres what the stuff to do section looks like.
This is the new poll section.
This is the new wallpaper section. ( Note the new look for penguins. )
You can also do other things like reply to comments. So what do you think about this?

Furniture Catalog Cheats October 2012

1. Go to page 3 click on the crystal ball now you have a creepy cut-out cottage
2. Go to page 6 click on the pizza oven now you have a white board
3. Go to page 7 click on the fruit pillar now you have a cauldron
4. Go to page 8 click on the island trinkets now you have a lemon cushion
5. Go to page 13 click on the spotlight you now have a flare
6. Go to page 14 click on the light now you have 5 flares

Penguin Style Catalog Cheats October 2012

1. Go to page 4 click on the penguins beak now you have vampire fangs
2. Go to page 9 click on the paint brush now you have a viking helmet
3. Click on it 4 more times now you have a blue viking helmet
4. Go to page 12 click on the cars mirror now you have a green bumper car
5. Go to page 13 click on the flower now you have a summer boy outfit

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ghost Just Wanna Dance Music Video

Hey guys. Its Boorex! Today Club Penguin released a brand new music video. Its called Ghost Just Wanna Dance. I think this is the best Club Penguin song and music video yet. What about you? Tell me in the comments.