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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sneak Peek

Hey guys its Boorex. Club Penguin posted a sneak peek of the new short "Puffle Trouble". Its epic! I hope hes not hurting those puffles!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Membership Page Update

Hey guys its Boorex. Club Penguin updated their membership page with this months events:

. Prepare thyself for a new battle!
. Become a knight, princess, or wizard with new clothing items!
. Decorate your igloo with furniture fit for a king or queen... or dragon
. Coming in June: Will you save or destroy the city?

Cool right. For your information I will be wearing the yellow blue and red jester costume and that sweet sword that ogre, troll girl is holding. Also I think the thing in June has something to do with superheros. Well thats it for now!

Log Off Screen

Hey guys its Boorex. Club Penguin has added a log off screen. Not that big of a deal but I just wanted to tell you.

White Color Coming Soon

Hey guys its Boorex. Billybob announced something big on the community blog. The white color is coming soon for your penguin! But this is different from other colors. You have to unlock this one with something special. I think levels are coming soon and you might be able to unlock it with a higher level. Time will tell.

Ruby and the Ruby

 Hey guys its Boorex! Ruby and the Ruby is back at the stage but this is no ordinary play. You have to help Jacques Hammer find Ruby's Ruby. Follow the steps above to do so. Also the catalog has one cheat. Mouse over page 1 to find it.

Club Penguin Times Issue #340


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day Party 2012

Hey guys its Boorex! The Earth Day Party is here. First head down to the Plaza to get your free safari hat. After that check out the snow forts. Click on the poster to check out the endangered animals. What are you doing for Earth Day. Im going around my neighbor hood cleaning up.

Furniture Catalog April 2012

Hey guys its Boorex! The new furniture catalog is here! Check out the cheats.
1. Go to page 1 click on the plant now you have a rock
2. Go to page 2 click on the hippos butt-ox ( :P ) now you have a garden
3. Go to page 6 click on the red shelf now you have a red couch
4. Go to page 7 click on the painting now you have an easle
5. Go to page 8 click on the vines now you have a stone chair
6. Go to page 9 click on the ship now you have a palm tree
7. Go to page 9 click on the velvet rope now you have a steering wheel
8. Go to page 10 click on the judges table now you have a manequin
9. Go to page 11 click on the treasure chest now you have a ruin

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012


Hey guys its Boorex. Today Club Penguin posted a new video called Dubstep Puffle! Its soo funny. Also be sure to use the code HPHONES1 at the end.

Best Seat in the House

Hey guys its Boorex. Check out this crazy cartoon. I really hope I don't get seats like this at the theater when I go see Titanic 3D! Lol!

Club Penguin Featured Igloos April 4

Hey guys its Boorex. Happy77 posted some new sweet igloos this week. Before we waste any more time lets check them out!

Buster Shot said: "Dear club penguin peeps, I wanted u to see my friend's Keilynqg's igloo. IT'S SOOOO COOL HE SHOULD THROW A PUFFLE PARTY THERE!!!!"

Great one my puffles would love to come and play there!
Qwerzxad2 said: "Hey, my friend Whiy1's igloo has cool snack bars. It is totally wicked :D"

Wow this is a great place for orange puffles!
Saraapril said: "I LOVE my Friend Yoangelyo's igloo :) It is so well decorated with lots of FUN for the Puffles and a Beautiful garden filled with vegetables, a little pond and FLOWERS :)"

Ooh! I think ill have a puffle spa day at your igloo!

Penguin Style April 2012

Hey guys its Boorex! Theres a new clothing catalog with cheats. Here they are!
1. Go to page 3 click on the tree now you have a dark chocolate bunny costume
2. Go to page 4 click on the shovel now you have a hip recycle costume
3. Go to page 6 click on the paint brush now you have a viking helmet
4. Click on it 4 more times now you have a blue viking helmet
5. Go to page 7 click on the player card penguins face now you have simple shoes
6. Go to page 8 click on the penguins smile now you have a white scarf
7. Go to page 9 click on the seashell now you have a divers suit
8. Go to page 12 click on the penguins flipper now you have a spring outfit

Easter Egg Hunt 2012

Hey guys its Boorex! The Easter egg hunt is here and ive got the cheats. Check it! (heres all the locations)
1. Hidden Lake
2. Book Room
3. Beach
4. Mine Shack
5. Cove
6. Gift Shop
7. Ski Village

8. Beacon
Once you've found them all click claim prize! You will receive yellow bunny ears!
Heres how they look on your player card.
Happy Easter

Club Penguin Times Issue #336


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Club Penguin Plush Series 16

Hey guys its Boorex! This spring Club Penguin is releasing new plush toys! Train puffles with PH! Write an article with Aunt Arctic! Fly into an enchanted world with fairy! Hide in the deep dark cave with Yeti. Cook with the Pizza Cheff. Find gold with Leprechaun! And even hide eggs with white choclate bunny! Look for these in your Easter basket on Sunday! But if you can't wait that long go to a local Toys R Us or Target and buy them now!

Plush Puffles Series 12

Hey guys its Boorex! This spring Club Penguin is releasing a new series of puffles. Series 12! There is an orange puffle with a jester hat that will probably eat your homework! Just saying. There is a purple puffle with a princess braid that you will love to take to the spa with you. A yellow puffle with a robin hood hat that would love to come and watch a play with you and many many others. Look for these puffles in your Easter baskets on Sunday! But if you can't wait until then, then you can just go to a local Toys R Us or Target to purchase them today!