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Friday, April 6, 2012

Club Penguin Featured Igloos April 4

Hey guys its Boorex. Happy77 posted some new sweet igloos this week. Before we waste any more time lets check them out!

Buster Shot said: "Dear club penguin peeps, I wanted u to see my friend's Keilynqg's igloo. IT'S SOOOO COOL HE SHOULD THROW A PUFFLE PARTY THERE!!!!"

Great one my puffles would love to come and play there!
Qwerzxad2 said: "Hey, my friend Whiy1's igloo has cool snack bars. It is totally wicked :D"

Wow this is a great place for orange puffles!
Saraapril said: "I LOVE my Friend Yoangelyo's igloo :) It is so well decorated with lots of FUN for the Puffles and a Beautiful garden filled with vegetables, a little pond and FLOWERS :)"

Ooh! I think ill have a puffle spa day at your igloo!

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