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Friday, April 6, 2012

Penguin Style April 2012

Hey guys its Boorex! Theres a new clothing catalog with cheats. Here they are!
1. Go to page 3 click on the tree now you have a dark chocolate bunny costume
2. Go to page 4 click on the shovel now you have a hip recycle costume
3. Go to page 6 click on the paint brush now you have a viking helmet
4. Click on it 4 more times now you have a blue viking helmet
5. Go to page 7 click on the player card penguins face now you have simple shoes
6. Go to page 8 click on the penguins smile now you have a white scarf
7. Go to page 9 click on the seashell now you have a divers suit
8. Go to page 12 click on the penguins flipper now you have a spring outfit

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