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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bobba Fett iPad Exclusive Costume

Hey guys! It's Boorex. The Star Wars Takeover is not here for a couple of weeks but Club Penguin is already preparing. They have released the Bobba Fett costume on the My Penguin App. I am so excited to finally play the My Penguin App with my new iPad coming this week. That's all for now.

Haunting Of The Viking Opera Returns To The Stage

Hey guys! It's Boorex. The classic play Haunting of the Viking Opera has returned to the stage. Be sure to check it out!

Puffles Digging Rare Items

Hey guys! It's Boorex! Last month Puffle Digging came out and now they can dig for items. It is super fun to find items. I have most of the items but I do still want the funny face glasses! That's all for now.

Club Penguin University Now Here!

Hey guys! It's Boorex. Last fall Club Penguin updated most of their rooms except a few, one of these being the Mine. Well they have finally updated it, with a university!
Here's what it looks like from the outside.
Here's what it looks like from the inside.
I love the idea of a university on the island, although it is a little upsetting that they have removed the recycling plant. That is all for now.

Penguin Style July 2013 Guides

1. Go to page 5. Click on the paint brush. Now you have a Viking Helmet.
2. Click on it four more times. Now you have a Blue Viking Helmet.

Club Penguin Times Issue #403


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mech Mice Monthly Update - June 2013

 Hey guys! It's Boorex! The new game Mech Mice is here. I normally wouldn't post about other games but since this one has been made by many previous employees of Club Penguin I will. I will make posts about it monthly.
 This month on Mech Mice Beta is here. First you need to create an account. Then you can log in and start playing.
In the game there are many levels and challenges and if you become a paid Founder you can unlock exclusive characters, levels, and units. Be sure to check it out here!

Team OK Wins Scare Games!

Hey guys! It's Boorex! For the last two weeks we have been eagerly waiting to see who won the scare games. Now we know! The winning team is.... OOZMA KAPPA!! Congratulations you guys. Keep up the scaring!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Star Wars Takeover Advertisements

Hey friends! The Star Wars Takeover is nearly three weeks away but Club Penguin is already advertising. They have added new advertisements to the home page, log in page, and exit page.
Here is one of Darth Herbert. 
And here is one of Princess Lea (Cadence)
I am so excited for this party because Star Wars is my favorite. Only three weeks! :)
~ Your friend, Pengtin ~

Herbert's Website Updated!

Hey friends! Remember Herbert's website from Operation Blackout? Well it has been updated with a teaser for the Star Wars Takeover. I love the mug on the windowsill. Also I noticed the light house is rather huge!
~ Your friend, Pengtin ~

Club Penguin Times Issue #402

~ Your friend, Pengtin ~

A Quick Update

Hey guys! It's Boorex! I just wanted to clarify some things with you. First things first, some of you may have been wondering where I was last week and why I didn't post. Well that is because I have been at camp the last week and no one has been available to post. The next thing I wanted to tell you is that I will be vacationing this weekend and that also means I will be vacationing from blogging so, our new blogger, Pengtin, will be posting instead. That is all I wanted to tell you and I can't wait to be blogging again on Tuesday!

Star Wars Takeover - Official Cinematic Trailer

Hey guys! It's Boorex! We recently found out about the Star Wars Takeover coming to Club Penguin and now we are finding out more in the new trailer! I absolutely love the way this is animated and think this animation is great! I can't wait until the party!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Monsters University Takeover Guides

Hey guys! It's Boorex. Recently Monsters University was released in theaters and to celebrate Club Penguin is having a party. Here are all the guides!
Join a team, and compete in the Scare Games!
At the MU Takeover you can join a team and compete in the Scare Games, much like in the movie.
You can earn scare points for your self and your team while playing the scare games!
There are several new items at this party! The first items you can get are the team hats when you log in. They are free and they are for all players.
You can also use your scare points that you earn on costumes too. These costumes come out daily. Most of them are for members, but a select few are non-members.


Club Penguin Times Issue #401