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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Crystals Appear All Over the Island

Hey guys! It's Boorex! Crystals are popping up all over the island just in time for the Superhero Takeover. I wonder what it means?

Club Penguin Times Issue #392


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Reviewed By You: Super Heroes

 Hey guys! It's Boorex. The Marvel Superhero Takeover is almost here and Club Penguin is getting ready with a new reviewed by you. Here it is.

Hello Penguins!
It's been a while, so I think it's time for a new Reviewed By You! Last time we asked for your Card-Jitsu Snow strategies. One of my favorite comments was from Sms8, who said:
My strategy is to help others when they are battling the snow ninjas. i hide behind a rock and give them power and when i get a power card i go in front of the snow ninjas and use i. that helps me get power and my teammates. Waddle On!
Thanks, Sms8! I know I needed a lot of help when I was testing Snow. Turns out I'm not very good at it! ;P

As you know, the Marvel Super Hero Takeover is returning to Club Penguin on April 25! We're going to need a ton of Super Heroes to protect the island from meddling Super Villains. So while we're talking about super powers, I'd like to know... What is the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe?
Send in your review by posting a comment below. We'll pick one of our favorites to be featured next week on the blog. If your comment is chosen to be featured, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account.
Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team
Good job Sms8! I totally agree! I think the most awesome super power is friendship. You can do anything as long as your friends are with you. That's all for now.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Furniture Catalog April 2013

1. Go to page 2 and click on the light now you have a iron lamp post
2. Go to page 3 and click on the searchlight now you have a hazard barrel
3. Go to page 4 click on the trashcan now you have a cityscape
4. Go to page 4 click on the crate now you have a man hole
5. Go to page 5 click on the plant now you have a pond
6. Go to page 6 click on the hippos butt now you have a picket fence
7. Go to page 7 click on the camera now you have a umbrella table
8. Go to page 9 click on the locker now you have a clothes rack
9. Go to page 10 click on the earth now you have a laser light

Club Penguin Times Issue #390


Monday, April 8, 2013

Operation: Hot Sauce Guide

Hey guys. It's Boorex! The new mission has been released and is total AWESOMENESS!! Here's the full walkthrough of it.
Step 1. Go to the EPF Command Room and click on the middle monitor.
Step 2. Talk to the Director.
Step 3. Go to the Pizza Parlor and pick up the clues.
Step 4. Open your Spy Phone and turn on the Trace Tracker.
Step 5. Follow Herbert's tracks.
Step 6. Go to the beach and make the entrance appear.
Step 7. Use the secret entrance opener.
Step 8. Go inside Herbert's lair and throw a piece of pizza onto the flood button.
Step 9. Now that your finished you will end up at the Cove and earn some metals and a background.

Club Penguin Times Issue #389


Penguin Style April 2013

1. Go to page 7 click on the watch now you have scrubs
2. Go to page 10 click on the paint brush now you have a viking helmet.
3. Click on it 4 more times now you have a blue viking helmet.
4. Go to page 18 click on the shamrock now you have a pot of gold.
5. Go to page 18 click on the shamrock now you have a flower basket.

Monday, April 1, 2013

*APRIL FOOLS PRANK 2013* Polo Announces End of Club Penguin :(

UPDATE: This all was really a prank for April Fools Day. :P
Hey guys. It's Boorex. Many of you might think this is a prank for April Fools but it is not. Here's how it happened. Recently I went to Kelowna, BC, where the Club Penguin Headquarters are located. There I got to meet Polo Field and he told me some sad unexpected news. Club Penguin will be coming to an end soon. 
"Recently the rate of Club Penguin players have gone down", Polo stated.
"Because of this we are shutting down, Club Penguin, and are working on a HUGE new project for Disney", he then told me.
Club Penguin's final day online will be on May 27. I am very sad about this but I guess good things always come to an end. That's all for now.
But if you were smart enough to scroll down you would learn that this is just an April Fools prank and that Club Penguin is not expected to shut down anytime in the near future. :P