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Monday, April 1, 2013

*APRIL FOOLS PRANK 2013* Polo Announces End of Club Penguin :(

UPDATE: This all was really a prank for April Fools Day. :P
Hey guys. It's Boorex. Many of you might think this is a prank for April Fools but it is not. Here's how it happened. Recently I went to Kelowna, BC, where the Club Penguin Headquarters are located. There I got to meet Polo Field and he told me some sad unexpected news. Club Penguin will be coming to an end soon. 
"Recently the rate of Club Penguin players have gone down", Polo stated.
"Because of this we are shutting down, Club Penguin, and are working on a HUGE new project for Disney", he then told me.
Club Penguin's final day online will be on May 27. I am very sad about this but I guess good things always come to an end. That's all for now.
But if you were smart enough to scroll down you would learn that this is just an April Fools prank and that Club Penguin is not expected to shut down anytime in the near future. :P


  1. Yeah It should not shut down until a Star Wars Party is presented lol.