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Friday, March 29, 2013

April Party Announcement by Spike Hike

 Hey guys. Its Boorex! Lately there have been many questions about the April Party. Well the party has been revealed. Here is some information from Spike Hike.

Greetings True Believers!
I'm unbelievably excited to announce the return of the Marvel Superhero Takeover on April 24th!!

There are many secrets ahead, so I won't spoil the surprise, but I can tell you this is an almost ENTIRELY NEW PARTY with new heroes, new villains, and new places from the Marvel Universe!! You are not going to want to miss this..
Excelsior… and Waddle On!
- Spike "The Penguin" Hike & The Club Penguin Team
I CANNOT WAIT! This party was my favorite last year and im so happy its returning. As seen on the new logo there will be some new costumes such as the new Iron Man Armor from Iron Man 3 and the classic comic book character, Captain Marvel. I can't wait. 

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