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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hey guys its Boorex. There is fireworks on CP. Its almost 2011. What is your resoulition. Tell me in the comments!
Boorex Happy Newyears 2011~

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ruby and the Ruby cheats

Hey guys its Boorex here with Ruby and the Ruby cheats. They are in the pic above.

Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 CP Leaks from Mondo912

Hey guys its Boorex here with cool news. Theres been updates leaked from CP for 2011. I found them at mondo912's awesome site. It is its awesome! so heres some of the leaks:
EPF System Defender
Expiditon Party(Brown puffles first appearence)
Iphone test 1.1
Help Section Updates
Transulated Book Games?
Parent Po Beta
Puffle Coltitsion course
Card Jitsu Iphone 1.1
D-Learning phase 3
Pizzatron stamps
Puffle Launch
St.paties Party(Mabey)
Save Data
Mobile CP server
save igloo phase 2?(what was phase 1?)
data center migoration
Card Jitsu Water expantion deck
Treasure Hunt Stamps
EPF Stealth Class
April Fools
Earth Day Party
Easter Party
Online Gifting 1.1
Ice Fishing stamps
Medivil Party
Some Blog thing
Adventure party
Igloo contest
Board Game
2011 will be a really cool. As soon as we know it it will be 2012,2013,2014,2015.... So are you excited?
Boorex Happy New Year~

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Ho Ho Hey Guys its Boorex here with a special message. Merry Christmas!!! Hope you got everything you wanted. Heres what I got:

2 ties

2 dress shirts

1 degin a shirt

1 sponge bob shirt

a sports suit

toy story shake and go woody

toy story shake and go buzz

toy story figures

toy story evil Dr.Porkchop ship

toy story hotwheels launchedr

toy story hotwheels figures

Club Penguin Air Hockey

Club Penguin Fire Ninja

Club Penguin Herbert P.Bear

Ipod Nano

Ipod doccument station


Some deoderent

A pillow pet

A toy story Lots-O-Huggin Bear


A BRAND NEW RED MINI GATEWAY LAPTOP(im using it to pos this post

Well I hope you got what you wanted.

Boorex Merry Christmas~

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reviewed by you...and you....AND YOU!

Ho Ho Hey guys its Boorex here with a new reeviewed by you. CP wanted to know what is your Holiday tradition and there were so many Club Penguin could not pick so heres just some....(these would not post on this computer so I will post them later)..... Good job those were awesome. Now heres mine and Pinks:
This Christmas I spend Christmas morning with my mom. We wake up when ever we want(for me usaly 5:oo PST) then we wait for everyone else to wake up. After that we listen to Christmas music and open presents from my mom,my stepdad,Pink109, or Santy. Then we play around with our new presents and my dad picks up. Then we go to our Aunties and open presents from our dads side of family. Then we eat lunch and dinner. Then our cousin Bloodfist83 comes with me and my dad and pink to stay the night. When we get home we open presents from my dad, his girlfriend, or Supergirl185. Then we play around the rest of the night.

Monday, December 20, 2010

New Present Postcard and Snow and Sports Catalog Cheats

HO HO Hey guys its Boorex here! Theres a new Christmas present a Christmas tourque. Its awesomely cool. Also the hockey rink is back with a new S&S catalog! Heres the cheats:
1.go to page 1 click on the green penguin now you have a green jersey
2.go to page 2 click on the green panguin now you have a green goalie suit
3.go to page 3 click on "ICE" now you have pom poms
Boorex Happy Holidays~

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!


Ho Ho Hey guys its Boorex. Rockyhoppers back with Christmas fun abord his ship! A mega mind globe head. Also Coins for Change items. So get on right now and ckeck it out.
Boorex Happy Holidays~


Ho Ho HEY GUYS ITS BOOREX! Gues what.....THE CHRISTMAS PARTY IS HERE! There is a new item and a old favorite...but no santa hat:(. The reindeer antlers are at the ski village. To get the santa bag if your a member go to the sleigh then diliver all the preseants click quick the sack will dissappear. Oh and theres a secret awaiting if you click the land button.
Boorex Happy Holidays~

Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Puffles From Catiecat12

Hey guys its Boorex here showing you this cool new pic that Catiecat12 gave me. Humm cool right. Has anyone else seen these? Check more of this at .

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Contest and Rockhopper

HO HO Hey guys its Boorex. Guese whos coming back. ROCKYHOPPER!!! Yay,this is sooo exciting hopefuly he brings a new background. Theres also a Holiday Iggy Contest. Just decorste you iggy and sign up!

New Better igloos

Hey guys its Boorex how are you? Theres a new Better Igloos out chek it out:

1.go to page 2 click on the coins for change station now you have christmas lights
2.go to page 2 click on the star now you have christmas bells
3.go to page 3 click on the candy cane now you have a baby tree
4.go to page 3 click on the stove now you have lights
5. go to page 4 click on "scarf" now you have a fireplace
6.go to page 4 click on the bird now you have a street lamp
7.go to page 5 click on the shandeleer now you have a kinght sculpture
8.go to page 6 click on the clock now you have a magic mirror
9.go to page 7 click ont the scary puffle statue now you have a TV
10.go to page 7 click on the crystal ball now you have a pipe organ
11.go to page 8 click on the o now you have a cauldron
12.go to page 9 click on the electric ball now you have a haunted house
13.go to page 11 click on the computer now you have a pic-a-nic table

Friday, December 3, 2010

No Early Updates

Hey guys its Boorex here with no early updates. Yes late last night when visions of new jackets danced in our heads BillyBob posted about some bugs on the catolog, so it may not be able to come out untill late today or tomorrow. Comne Club Penguin have Cadence help you squash those beetles.
Boorex Happy Holidays~

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

EPF paycheck

Hey guys its Agent Boorex here with AWESOME news. Theres now EPF pay checks. WE ALSO GET PAYED 100 MORE COINS THAN TOUR GUIDES. This is awesome I am going to spend them on christmas outfits tomorrow.