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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reviewed by you...and you....AND YOU!

Ho Ho Hey guys its Boorex here with a new reeviewed by you. CP wanted to know what is your Holiday tradition and there were so many Club Penguin could not pick so heres just some....(these would not post on this computer so I will post them later)..... Good job those were awesome. Now heres mine and Pinks:
This Christmas I spend Christmas morning with my mom. We wake up when ever we want(for me usaly 5:oo PST) then we wait for everyone else to wake up. After that we listen to Christmas music and open presents from my mom,my stepdad,Pink109, or Santy. Then we play around with our new presents and my dad picks up. Then we go to our Aunties and open presents from our dads side of family. Then we eat lunch and dinner. Then our cousin Bloodfist83 comes with me and my dad and pink to stay the night. When we get home we open presents from my dad, his girlfriend, or Supergirl185. Then we play around the rest of the night.

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