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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Join the Fun at Disneys Club Penguin

Hello Penguins and welcome to Disney's Club Penguin. I am Boorex along with the BCPF Team. Are you new to this game? Do you need help signing up? Well no worries we are here to assist you. First go to then click on create a new penguin. Now pick a name. Then choose your color. After that enter your password and parents e-mail.
Now ask your parent to check their e-mail. An activation code will be sent to them.

After your parent activates your account click on your chat mode.

Now read the rules and click play now!

Now you will get a free tour.

Check out your new hat and background.

You also get free 500 coins.Have fun!

~Boorexs Club Penguin FUN Team

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