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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Heyooga guys its BOOGABOOGA. Theres a new Waka-rific play returnig to the stage heres the catalog cheats:
1. Go to page 2 click on "G" now you have a grass skirt
Theres also a new Systym drfender level called herbert. Check it out!
Boorex Happpy wakkatines day~

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Expiditon and Brown Puffle cheats

Hey guys its Boorex here with the mountian expidition cheats.
1. go to the dock
2.walk to the path
3.pick up the free expidition hat
4.keep on going to the next path your in the maze go right
11.right you are the cliff with this strange machine plug it in on the coffe beans on the pitcher of coffe on the pink switch switch switch piano keys it tells you to untill the tower starts on fire
19.throw snowballs at the fire to put it out piano untill music starts to play button squares button button on the wheel on the air tube pull string on the hot sause on the water on the vent on the toaster
31.throw snow balls at the taarget untill the barrel is at the top and climb inside
MEMBERS ONLY POINT the life jacket for 50 coins and put it on the boat exactly as showen in the picture
34.hop inside
Hmmm......what a misteriouse cave. What could be inside? Is it Herbert? Is it a bunch of prehistoric bones? Is it Lots-o-Huggin Bear? No its..its....THE BROWN PUFFLE! Look we can adopt one (only one) just click on the note. I will name mine Einstine like the inventor Albert Einstine. We will go home and play. Heres a pic of us(above)!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

furniture cheats

Hey guys its Boorex. Heres the better igloo cheats:
1.go to page 3 click on the snow fort now you have a stone
2.go to page 3 click on the tree now you have icecicles
3.go to page 4 click on the red stove now you have a dreamcatcher
4.go to page 5 click on the coins for change sign now you have christmas
5.go to page 5 click on the tree star now you have christmas bells
6.go to page 6 click on the candy cane now you have a charlie brown tree
7.go to page 6 click on the fire place now you have icicicle lights
8.go to page 7 click on "scarf" now you have a fire place
9.go to page 7 click on the bird now you have a street lamp
10.go to page 8 click on the chandelier now you have a knight sculpture
11.go to page 9 click on the clock now you have a magic mirror
12.go to page 10 click on the scary puffle statue now you have a tv
13.go to page 10 click on the crystal ball now you have a pipe organ
Boorex Happy Valentines Day~

systym defender

Hey guys its Boorex to tell you how to play sys defender:
1. go to EPF
2. click on the red screen
3. advanced
4. click on advanced
5. click the cannons and place them in a plug in(corners work best):
yellow cannon=works best on yellow robots
purple=works best on purple robots
red=works best on red robots
gears=doubles cannons
6. agents can talk to you at the bottem on the screen
7. robots have special powers
yellow=fast but dosent have much power
purple=verry slow and has tons of power
red=dosent do much to the power sorce
big robots=takes away half of your power
8. now just keep laying the cannons out and keep the robots away
Theres also new stamps. I earned all of them yesterday.
Boorex Happy valentines Day~
yellow=fast but not much effect on your power sorce

snow and sports catalog

Hey guys its Boorex. Sorry these post are so late. Theres a new snow and sports catalog. Theres no cheats to it.
Boorex Happy Valentines Day~

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

Hey guys its Boorex here with a special message. Happy New Year 2011. This year will be even better then last year. I slept in till 10:20 pst. I was up all night my whole family played Club Penguin Gameday for 4 hours.