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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Expiditon and Brown Puffle cheats

Hey guys its Boorex here with the mountian expidition cheats.
1. go to the dock
2.walk to the path
3.pick up the free expidition hat
4.keep on going to the next path your in the maze go right
11.right you are the cliff with this strange machine plug it in on the coffe beans on the pitcher of coffe on the pink switch switch switch piano keys it tells you to untill the tower starts on fire
19.throw snowballs at the fire to put it out piano untill music starts to play button squares button button on the wheel on the air tube pull string on the hot sause on the water on the vent on the toaster
31.throw snow balls at the taarget untill the barrel is at the top and climb inside
MEMBERS ONLY POINT the life jacket for 50 coins and put it on the boat exactly as showen in the picture
34.hop inside
Hmmm......what a misteriouse cave. What could be inside? Is it Herbert? Is it a bunch of prehistoric bones? Is it Lots-o-Huggin Bear? No its..its....THE BROWN PUFFLE! Look we can adopt one (only one) just click on the note. I will name mine Einstine like the inventor Albert Einstine. We will go home and play. Heres a pic of us(above)!

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