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Sunday, January 16, 2011

systym defender

Hey guys its Boorex to tell you how to play sys defender:
1. go to EPF
2. click on the red screen
3. advanced
4. click on advanced
5. click the cannons and place them in a plug in(corners work best):
yellow cannon=works best on yellow robots
purple=works best on purple robots
red=works best on red robots
gears=doubles cannons
6. agents can talk to you at the bottem on the screen
7. robots have special powers
yellow=fast but dosent have much power
purple=verry slow and has tons of power
red=dosent do much to the power sorce
big robots=takes away half of your power
8. now just keep laying the cannons out and keep the robots away
Theres also new stamps. I earned all of them yesterday.
Boorex Happy valentines Day~
yellow=fast but not much effect on your power sorce

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