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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Party 2012 Cheats

Hey guys! Its Boorex. The Halloween party is here so get ready to get your scream on! Heres whats going on!
Gariwald VII's Scavenger Hunt:
First you'll want to check out Gariwald's scavenger hunt. In this you need to find five keys to unlock a chest. Heres the cheats:
 1. The first key is at the foyer.
 2. The second key is at the Graveyard/Pool.
 3. The third key is at the Dining/Ball Room.
 4. The fourth key is at the Library.
 5. The fifth key is at the Attic.
 Now that you have all the keys unlock the chest. You will be given a pair of ghost goggles. Put them on and then go up the stairs.
 Now go through the ghost door.
 Once your there Gariwald will give you a background. In the Lab you can become a Ghost.
At the lab there is an item catalog. There is one free item.
 On the first page everyone can pick up the ghost costume and the ghost hunter costume, and members can buy the fortune teller outfit.
 On the second page members can pick up ghostly ballroom outfits.
 On the final page members can pick up the butler costume, the maid costume, the cat costume, and the golden secret costume.
                                                                         To-Boo List:
Theres also a new feature called your To-Boo List. In this you have to become a ghost and press D at all of these rooms. Once your done you can pick up one of three igloo items. You can earn each one up to 99 times.

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