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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Featured Igloos - May 29

Hey guys its Boorex! A new Featured Igloos is here. Check it!                                                                                           
 Tiaminpin said: "Please, Please, PLEASE, check out my friend Eve79260's igloo. It's the awesomest one yet!! You Gotta check it out! So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check it out, It's the AWESOMEST, COOLEST, MOST AMAZING one I've ever seen!!!!! 
Waddle On!!! :D p.s. u guys rock! ;D"
Ahh! I see this kingdom has many secrets that lie beneath it. Reminds me a bit of the season finale of Once Upon a time.

Hur11 said: "My friend Sumari347 has a soo sweet and soo superbo castle igloo u won't believe looks like angels set them there its soo great castle i would love to have like that one. Waddle On CP...!!! =D"
Wow! Looks like a battle has to be fought here!

aac Walker said: "I saw this guy named Ocean6100. HIS IGLOO IS AWESOME!!!!! PLZ CHECK IT OUT THX"
Nice! Im looking for a gardener for my igloo and you might be just the right person!

Great igloos everyone!

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