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Thursday, June 17, 2010

adventure party cheats

hi guys its boorex heres the new adventure party cheats well first theses a new quest heres the room whaere the paper ships are at:
1.forest bottem bush by big bolder
2.light house above door
3.hidden lake above mermaid sign the town in the wodden tea cup above the coffee shop the ski village above the sign the plaza by the puffle on the top of the pet shop the snow forst in the bush by the entrance to the staduim
8.on the ice berg in the tree
now you make the map and then claim the prize do you think its done nope now go to the cove pick up a hard hat by the jackhammer and dance on the x with only your hard hat on now you have a puffle bandana the free item is in the tree house its a new shiprecked maroon shirt

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