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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl 2011

Hey guys its Boorex here with the Boorex's CP Fun team (were texting each other what to post anyways). So today as you know is the....SUPAH BOWL!!!! I alaways looove the Super bowl. Its a great exsucse to hang, stay up late, and eat. So I suppose you want to know who the team goes for. No worries we will tell you who we go for, why we watch the super bowl, and how we spend it.
Boorex & Pink109- I go for the Steelers but Pink likes the Packers. We watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. This super bowl we are with our mom and step dad. We are hhaving chips and dip, Hot Wings, and ribs its awesome! GOOO STEELERS.
Madman39,searing, & loley103-our family goes for the steelers.we watch the super bowl for the game.this super bowl we are celibrting big time.our uncle coming and our moms best friend her husband and their kids are coming.our uncle is bringing a 10 foot sandwitch.everyones gonna share it.we are gonna have a great night!
Leasmore-I go for the packers. I am excited for the food. I have to spend the super bowl doing homework. But im not much of a football fan im in track. But I hope everyone else has a good time watching the super bowl.
Supergirl185-I am spending the super bowl with my dad. We are watching it together. I am going for the packers. Im watching it for the commercials!
1calvin2 & JRF33-we are going for the steelers. We are watching for the gamme. Its gonna be great.
Rosie Mo-im going for the packers im watching it for the commercials we are gonna have A ssuper bowl party my dad is invviting his friends over and I get to stay up late
Jasper374-im going for the packers I can't watch cuz I have no cable oh well
So cool right? Tell us how your celibrating.
Boorex Happy Super Bowl Day~

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