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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Featured Igloos Feb,20

Hey guys its Boorex! Today CP posted this weeks featured igloos! The wondaful igloos are....

Rocky3818 said: "I LOVE my friend's igloo Iceboy3818 igloo! Its SO cool! It is Rockhopper Island, complete with a cream soda sea, The Migrator, a bunch of beautiful Palm Trees, Treasure EVERYWHERE, a "Mermaid Cove", and the best ROCKHOPPER! Oh I almost forgot, it even has special island music playing! You guys should really check it out! Waddle On!"

Wow thats such a good igloo that I actually thought it was Rockhopper island!
Bricko3 said: "Hey Happy77! Check out Dsi Lover's Igloo! It's a really "sweet" because it's made of CANDY!!!! There's even Gumdrop Trees and Jujubes!"

Ill keep my self from eating for I wouldn't want to ruin the great decor in it!
Fennec24 said: "I love my friend Icy0248 igloo. IT'S COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY AWESOME!!! He changes it every time there's an update to look like what the update's about, but now he has a snow jitsu dojo and garden. It's seriously cool!! PLEASE CHECK IT OUT AND CONSIDER UPLOADING IT!!"

This will be a great igloo for Card-Jitsu Snow in May!
Great Igloos!

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