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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Featured Igloos March 8

Hey guys its Boorex. The other day Happy77 posted the new featured igloos. Here they are!

Sillyboy102 said: "Hi, I really LOVE my friend Katie4666's igloo! She always changes her igloo. For example, her igloo can be anything from a secret island, a fashion show, a dance place, or even just a home sweet home! I love her igloo because you never know what she will do next!"

Great igloo Katie4666. I would love to take a vacation there!
Ukfan said: "You should check out my buddy Magicguy216's igloo! He made Aunt Arctic out of puffle beds it's amazing! Then he decorates around her stuff that represents what party is going on. Right now, he has a pirate ship and waves around her! It is just so amazing!"

Wow Magicguy216! Do you suppose I could have your igloos autograph? Lol!
Pup1one said: "I think Kurple88's igloo has an awesome igloo! SHIPWRECK!!! The ship falls down deep into the ocean. That is where Kurple88's igloo takes place. I highly recommend it! Waddle on!"

Whoa, spooky igloo. But if you did ever get in a ship wreck you could do it in style.

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