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Friday, January 25, 2013

Reviewed By You: Prehistoric Party

 Hey guys. Its Boorex! Polo Field has posted a new Reviewed By You. Here's what it says.

Hey Penguins!
The Prehistoric Party is ON! Have you stomped through Prehistoric Club Penguin yet?
Last week, we were wondering which time you’d travel back to if you could take the Time Trekker anywhere. Check out 94beaker64’s answer:
I would probably go back in time to see what my parents were like when they were my age! Or maybe my grandparents! Way back in the olden times! Hee hee! I think that would be cool!
That would be cool! Thanks to everyone for your fun and creative answers.
So now that the party's up, what's your favorite part? Hunting for dino eggs? The room art? Special dino moves? Leave a comment below to tell us what you're digging most! We’ll pick a comment to feature in our next Reviewed By You. And don’t forget, the featured penguin gets 10,000 coins! Dino-mite!!
Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

Great job 94beaker64! To answer Polo's question, my favorite part of the party is just being able to go back in time. I also think its great that CP has created so many new rooms. That's all for now.

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