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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Furniture Catalog and Igloo Catalog October 2013 Cheats

Furniture Catalog
1. Go to page 2. Click on the Glowing Cauldron. Now you have the Spooky Surprise.
2. Go to page 5. Click on the graveyard gate. Now you have The Laughing Lantern
3. Go to page 6. Click on the Neon Bat. Now you have the Glowing Grin.
4. Go to page 10. Click on the blue flower. Now you have a night shrubbery.
5. Go to page 12. Click on the battlements. Now you have a Maiden Shruberry
6. Go to page 13. Click on the tall mushroom. Now you have a Fluffy Shrubery.
7. Go to page 14. Click on the Well. Now you have a Short Mushroom.
8. Go to page 19. Click on the Mirror. Now you have a Tropical Palm.
9. Go to page 20. Click on the Gas Pump. Now you have a Sand Castle Arch
10. Go to page 20. Click on the chair. Now you have an Inner Tube.
11. Go to page 21. Click on the stage lights. Now you have a Sand Castle Wall

 In this issue, everyone can buy a Spooky Pack with 10 spooky items, and members can buy a Jack-O-Lantern that gives out candy.
Igloo Catalog
There is also a new igloo catalog. It has no cheats.

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