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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Congress Limiting your Creativity

Good morning everybody! This is Boorex's Club Penguin Fun Team bringing you some breaking news. This morning it was stated that Congress could give the government the power to shut down your favorite websites. If anyone were to upload copyrighted material to a blog or video sharing website the website could be punished by being removed from search engines or not being able to be advertise their website. Plus if you sing a copyrighted song like Baby by Justin Bieber or share a photo like the one above you would be punished with 5 years in prison. If this takes place Twitter, Facebook, Google, Youtube, Boorex's Club Penguin Fun and maybe even Club Penguin would be shut down. Don't let congress shut down our favorite sites! Help us raise awareness by sharing this photo above on your website. Thank you!
~Boorex's Club Penguin Fun Team

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