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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Club Penguin Goes Fruity (Nuts, Crazy, ext.)

Hey guys its Boorex! So today Club Penguin has officially gone fruity. So I was looking up Club Penguin news articles and heres what I found:

 innocent smoothies has joined with Disney’s Club Penguin to help persuade children to eat more fruit.
Launching on 8 August and set to run on-pack as well as being supported through online, TV and social media activity, the promotion provides exclusive items to collect on virtual world Club Penguin.
Every pack of innocent smoothies and fruit tubes for kids will hold a unique code which kids can use to unlock three fruit-themed items, with 24 to collect, including a strawberry costume for their penguin, an orange MP3 player and kiwi armchairs; with a pineapple igloo being received when all gifts are collected
Okay, I get that. Club Penguin is just trying to start a healthy eating program while advertising for kids to play   
online! Heres what I don't get.

Bobi Carley, commercial director at Disneymedia+ UK & Ireland, added: "Reflecting the shared values of innocent and Club Penguin, we're looking forward to launching a creative, integrated campaign that will be fun for innocent and Club Penguin fans, while promoting healthy food choices and active lifestyles."
As part of the collaboration, character Captain Rockhopper will throw an ‘online fruit party’ from 22 August, which will provide the launch of a new in-world game inspired by innocent, in which players can mix their own smoothies.
Dude, a Fruit Party? Come on Club Penguin. WHAT DO YOU DO AT A FRUIT PARTY? This is also counted as third party advertising which  I thought Club Penguin said they had none of. I also hate Rockhopper's new look. He looks like a hobo ninja. Lets leave hobo ninjas that love fruit to the Fruit Ninja app. Another thing is that those smoothies are only available in the UK. This makes me kind of mad.

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