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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Featured Igloos: June 12

Hey guys its Boorex! A new featured igloos is here. Check it out!
Forest411 said: "You really have to check out my buddy's igloo! He is Var3. He changes it A LOT. The first time I saw it he made it an airplane and the second time a kingdom! I hope you get to see them both but find it FAST! He might turn it into something else! Waddle On Cp!"
This looks like an exact replica of an airport and jet plane and believe me I would know.
 Bypitti Bop said: "Hey CP! Please please plz check out Janga Panga!! She has the best igloo ever!! Please you have to see it! Thanks waddle on CP!!"
This is such an enchanting igloo.
 Darkice996 said: "I met this penguin named Drpenguin193. He has the COOLEST igloo I've ever se en! When it comes to gold - No one can beat him! PLEASE check it out! Thanks!"
Man you must be rich!

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