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Friday, June 15, 2012


Hey guys its Boorex! If you don't already know I love Marvel so I think this party rocks. Here is some cool advice about it.
Choose Your Side:
Heroes: As a hero you can help save the day from the destructobot and other villains. Don't let them hurt anyone.
Villains: As a villain you can try and take over Club Penguin island.
Citizen: As a citizen you can join the cities finest... or worst.
                                                                        Free Items:
You can get the money bag at the bank and you can get the press comfrence background at the coffee shop.
                                                                       Suit Up:
You can suit up in over 20 hero, villain, and citizen costumes.
When your done with that go battle or help destructobot destroy the city.

Have fun!

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