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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Featured Igloos: June 26

Hey guys its Boorex! Club Penguin posted some new featured igloos. Check it!
Pandabear01 said: "You should really check out this penguin Hexgirl's igloo. It's so cool. It is a beautiful park. You should really look at it she would be so honored!"
I would love to take a late night stroll here!
 Zackadoo211 said: "Nickadoo300 has a pretty awesome super villain igloo. Better hurry and look at it (he likes to change it a lot so hurry!!!)"
Loki may be known as the most powerful villain but im more scared of you!
 Sunburst8766 said: "I really like Jangapanga's iggys... U guys should check out my Friend iggy Blkberry1220. U guys all did GREAT!! WADDLE ON CP!"
This shows that everything has a dark side. Even a park.

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