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Friday, August 24, 2012

Adventure Party: Temple Of Fruit Guide

Hey guys. Its Boorex! Sorry we havent posted lately. We have been busy preparing for school! So heres the moment we've all been waiting for. The Adventure Party!
To get this green headdress go to the dock!
 To get this red headdress go to the forest!
 To get the yellow headdress go to the cove!
There is also more items in the catalog located at the dock, forest, gift shop, and cove. It has some cheats too. Here they are.
1. Click on the volcano now you have red face paint.
2. Click on the stone now you have green face paint.
                                                               The Quest:
Are you brave enough to feed the volcano. If you are heres some tips to help you.
1. To enter the temple of fruit you must collect 3 fruits.

 2. To collect the watermelon go to the dock.
 3. To collect the apple go to the forest.
 4. To collect the pineapple go to the cove.
 5. Enter the temple and walk through the tunnel.
 6. In the next puzzle only step on the fruit.
 7. In this puzzle throw snowballs at the target.
 8. Go down the hall and in to the door.
 9. Feed the statue and pick up the costumes.
                                                             Feed The Volcano
 Go up to the top of the volcano and feed it! Heres how!

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