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Friday, August 10, 2012

Furniture Catalog August 2012 Cheats

1. Go to page 1 click on the fruit pillar now you have a cauldron
2. Go to page 2 click on the island trinkets now you have a lemon cushion
1. Go to page 5 click on the spotlight you now have a flare
2. Go to page 6 click on the light now you have 5 flares
3. Go to page 8 click on the construction sign now you have a lamp post
4. Go to page 9 click on the fire hydrant now you have a coffee table
5. Go to page 9 click on the crate now you have a barrel
6. Go to page 10 click on the plasma ball now you have a city background
7. Go to page 14 click on the knight shrub now you have regal flowers
8. Go to page 15 click on the fairy woods flag now you have a vine swing
9. Go to page 16 click on the wishing well now you have an armor rack

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