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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Party 2012 Guide

Hey guys! Its Boorex. The Holiday Party is here and it is better then ever. Here's the cheats.
There are several new items. There is two new catalogs. This is what they look like.

You can also get three light bulb helmets in the Santa quest.
There is also new items you can collect everyday in the Christmas countdown.

Coins For Change
Coins For Change has also returned. This year it is different. You can transform into a Road Racer, a Reindeer Puffle, or a Frost Bite. Here's how.
Step 1. Go to the bakery. Now open the donation page. Now select what you would like to transform into.
Step 2. Select what you would like to donate to.
Step 3. Click transform.
 Well there ya have it.

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