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Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hello penguins. My name is Pink109. I'm Boorex's sister and I will be posting some post on the blog from now on. I will just be telling you whats going on in my life and those kind of things. Here's some facts about me to start off my posts.
Favortie Color: Purple!
Favorite CP Mascot: Cadence!
Favorite CP Item: My Diva Shades
Favorite Puffle: My purple one named Diva.
Favorite CP Mini game: Pufflescape.
Describe Your Style: I always am wearing the latest fashions.
Favorite Party: I loved the Ultimate Jam. I have a passion for dancing.
Stamp your most proud of: I am most proud of my Cadence stamp. It was tricky finding her.
Favorite Igloo Item: My laser light.
Do you believe in the rainbow puffle?: Well yes. I think it would be awesome to see one.
Whats the first party you can remember?: I think the Adventure Party of 09.
Well that's all for today. I have a party planned though. I will post details tomorrow.
-Pink109 :)

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